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Brand Reviews

As the mobile phone brand with the largest market share in Indonesia, oppo 's own mall has a strong business development. However, Multiple systems cannot be integrated, resulting in slow delivery, inaccurate inventory, and unmanageable IMEI code. As a business middleground system, UPFOS helps us connect the mall system, WMS, express delivery system and financial system, and truly realizes the construction requirements of enterprise information management.

Jet Commerce is the leading enterprise of e-commerce service providers in Indonesia, serving more than 50 international brands. We have stores in Lazada, Shopee, tokopedia, akulaku, shopify and other e-commerce platforms. However, the business development of our enterprise has been severely restricted by many problems such as the lack of unified management of sales channels, the lack of diversification of promotional activities, inaccurate and often oversold inventory, low efficiency of warehousing operations, frequent expiration of products, and heavy workload of financial reconciliation.
After using UPFOS, these problems were quickly solved. All sales channels are connected to the system for unified management, the warehousing goods can be scanned to ensure accurate inventory, and the commodity inventory can be kept synchronized with the store in real time to prevent overselling.

UPFOS empower Realme mobile warehouse distribution integrated management. It serves us the customized system to enable us the business and process easier and faster. It establishes the coding rules helping the general warehouse to manage the bar code and directly reuse the Realme manufacturer's bar code label without re-produce and print the bar code for the goods, which saves the cost of printing the bar code and the labor cost. Moreover, warehouse distribution integrated management solves the problem of connection between the systems. UPFOS can also connect with WMS system helps REDLME to effectively combing the relationship between warehouses in various regions. Based on confirmation of inbound and outbound unique bar code, we can manage the warehouse in the inventory allocation and inventory, as well as in the integration of general warehouse and sub-warehouse efficiently. So as to reduce the burden of warehouse management, the cost of manpower and material resources.

We are surprised to find UPFOS that enable us manage all orders of multiple platforms and stores within one dashboard. It has the features of refined order management and real-time data synchronization. It helps us automatically distribute goods for pre-sale orders after the out-of-stock goods arrival; Just like a robot, it seems know all your challenges and difficulties, but it always emphasize the efficiency and sales growth for our business. UPFOS provides us the accurate inventory positioning and effective warehouse inventory management, which also show us the strategy of multiple storage locations and multiple owners of cargos. UPFOS also automatically records the location and quantity to realize the precise positioning of the goods with reasonable warehouse layout. The most impressive one is UPFOS’s flexible and changeable promotion strategies to enhance customer shopping experience.We conduct various promotional activities from time to time, and set relevant promotional rules in the background of UPFOS ERP system, and the gifts will be added automatically. Our customers love our lucky gifts and became our loyal followers.