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How does OPPO Stand Out from the Mobile Market in Southeast Asia?

If someone talks about mobile phones, many Chinese will think of OPPO, which is very impressive due to fashionable appearance and high quality in the domestic market.

However, in fact, OPPO has done a great much better job over the seas with nearly 150 million sales and No. 4 global ranking.The research data by Counterpoint, a well-known market agency, indicated that the market share of mobile phone in Q1 2021 reached 27 million by 34% increase over the same time period for the previous year in Southeast Asian market, including Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and other major Southeast Asian countries. More particularly, sales increased 72% than the same period last year through online channels, which accounted for 16% of the whole market. The market share of OPPO rose to 22% in the first quarter of this year and Samsung only got 19%, which turned out that OPPO was already at the top in Southeast Asia.

There are so many reasons for the brilliant performance of OPPO, such as accurate product positioning, wide operation channels, elegant brand appearance, excellent marketing strategy, and a special one, the rapid development of e-commerce. Due to the travel restrictions caused by the Covid-19, a large number of consumers purchase things from offline to online. Many people have joined online shopping at an unprecedented speed, especially in Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, it is not easy to earn money by just opening stores online.

In recent years, many e-commerce enterprises scramble for the marketplaces for their own platforms in Southeast Asia. OPPO had no choice but to open store after store on multiple platforms due to the promotion for all customers as much as possible. But every platform has its own system, which means multiple sales channels can not be integrated to manage. Thus a variety of problems were coming, such as difficult products management, low efficiency of orders operation, unclear inventory data, negative customers’ review, and more, which made OPPO exhausted in online business without any benefit.

At that time, OPPO was in urgent need of a professional e-commerce ERP software to assist in the management of online stores. It is not supposed to be the same as those rough and shallow ERP products, but an all-powerful helper that can truly realize intelligent management, efficient operation and any other practical functions.

That’s why we need UPFOS, One-Stop Omni-Channel retail management system. A tailored service to help grow online business better and faster with comprehensive functions below:

  • One-stop management and multi-platforms synchronization.
  • Automatically download multi-platform products to upfos system and verify the information according to your needs.
  • Auto download, review, print and deliver all orders according to your customized setting, detail track of all history processes.
  • Real-time inventory data update for multiple stores, and automatical inventory alert for restock or overselling.
  • Accelerate conversion rate by easily setting up various of promotion scenarios.
  • Monitor and analyze all sales data, including orders, after-sales, purchase, inventory, etc to expand the marketing strategy in one dashboard.
  • Open API, integrating mainstream API systems, including business, accounting, tax and warehousing systems.
  • Advanced technology to ensure quick and stable access to the service, and to ensure data security & privacy for every UPFOS user.
  • Instantly handle messages from muti-platforms and stores in one dashboard through our UPFOS Chat Tool, and set up alert messages from customers so that the important information won't be missed. Help to increase the response rates and customers' satisfaction.
  • UPFOS is very friendly to new users because of its simple interface, easy understanding functions and detailed guide.

With such technical support, OPPO finally get back on track of online business, then won the first place of whole mobile market in Southeast Asia. How would you like such a good ERP software? Need assistant to your store management? Just join us! Come to our website and take your online business into a new world~~ 


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