One Platform, Million Possibilities


  • Founded in 1995, BY-HEALTH implements the "Scientific Nutrition" strategy, with its scientific spirit, to create the ultimate scientific nutritional products. Relying on modern nutrition science, By-Health has established a comprehensive scientific system of dietary supplements. Together with the National Academy of Applied Sciences of the Netherlands, the Shanghai Institute of Nutrition and Health of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other global cutting-edge scientific research forces, continue to carry out research on scientific nutrition and its effect on chronic diseases.
  • BY-HEALTH works on developing its own core technology and patented raw materials, and continues to build the technological power and differentiated competitive advantages. So far, it has developed more than 30 customized raw materials and obtained more than 60 patent on raw materials and formulas.
  • BY-HEALTH takes great importance on the natural environmental factors of planting or breeding of the raw material, and adheres to the rules of a strict raw material source review system, scientifically selects high-quality raw materials on a global scale, and uses the global raw material quality advantage strategy to form quality in the general homogeneity of products Differentiated core competitiveness. So far, BY-Health's raw materials are produced in 23 countries and regions around the world, and five raw material supply bases have been established in Brazil, Australia and other places to gather the best nutrition from all over the world and build a United Nations of the best nutritional products.

Business Requirements:

  •  Managing large number of SKUs. Inventory management
  • Diverse reports and data visualization to capture trends in sales, inventory and purchase.
  •  batch management
  • reduce error in packing and delivering process.

UPFOS Solution:

  • UPFOS is capable of managing product information and inventory for sellers with a large number of SKUs.  
  • Batch managing is especially important when it comes to healthcare products. UPFOS system allows sellers to keep track of different batches. Sellers can decide how to handle batches and set up an alert for batches close to the expiration date.
  • Besides various types of reports such as sales analysis, member analysis, sales order report, dispatch order report, and so on, UPFOS also provides interactive data visualizations to give the client an image of their performance.
  • An extra feature that the client can add to their basic workflow called the handover form ensures the safe handover of packages to the carrier. Together with the scanning feature, the client can be confident in delivering the right products to their customers safely.