One Platform, Million Possibilities

What new experiences does the connection between Lazada and UPFOS bring to the sellers on the platform?

Project Summary:

  • UPFOS is now integrated with Lazada to provide Lazada sellers with a streamlined business experience.
  • Lazada is a leading international eCommerce platform trusted by over sellers in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.
  •  Lazada is powered by Alibaba’s best-in-class technology infrastructure to deliver the most scalable and competitive product and technology solutions for the next decade. -has more than 110 million annual active consumers.
  • Lazada provides end-to-end logistics capabilities and complete control over our supply chain. It has over 30 fulfillment centers and over 3000 pick-up locations across 17 Southeast Asian cities.
  • Understands and adapts to the payment habits of Southeast Asian customers. It has the largest “pay upon receiving” service network. - LazMall alone, which is one of the services under Lazada Group has grown to house over 32,000 local and international brands.

Integration with UPFOS:

  •  Product Publication: seller can publish products to multiples Lazada stores through UPFOS system. 
  •  Orders from Lazada can be downloaded into UPFOS so that sellers can process their Lazada orders (from multiple Lazada stores) and orders from other platforms in one unified system.
  • Dropshipping Service: for drop-shipping orders, UPFOS can access order information,and incorporate the data into comprehensive reports.
  •  Order Matching Platform Warehouses service: for orders using the Lazada platform warehouse, UPFOS can access order information through the “authorize” process. 
  •  UPFOS helps keep track of inventory across multiple stores to help restock planning and prevent stock-out
  • Seller can set up gifting plans via UPFOS leveraging the flexible promotion schemes. The promotion will automatically start at the preset time. 
  • Customer relationship management: sending out marketing Emails and delivery notifications to your customers.