One Platform, Million Possibilities


Hey guys, in today's video let's look at CRM, Customer Relationship Management. Let's navigate to CRM -> customer information.

We can view all the customers who have made purchase in our stores. The customer information displayed include platform of purchase, platform member id, customer id, currency, accumulated purchase times, and so on.

You can also add new customers. For instance, if you have a customer who have made purchase before store integration, you can add them by using the add button. Enter the required customer information. You can use mass import for customers as well.

Now let's look at customer engagement. Go to CRM -> Customer Engagement. In this page, we can manage customer care plans such as shipping notification or delivery reminder, and marketing events.

Click add to add a customer care plan.

Select if you want to set up campaign message or delivery reminder, and input the required information. Let's do campaign first.

Input a campaign name. For the target buyer's information, first you can select a participating store.

You can target the buyers who have made purchase in the last 3 months, last 6 months, last 12 months, or a specific time window.

You can also put restriction on the number of transactions: one times, two times, three times, or a specific number of times. You can also put restriction on accumulative transaction amount or delivery time. Then you can configure your message content. You can put variables in your message.

After your configuration, click next step. You can also input a number to test your message.

We have four buttons in the panel section. Review

, edit, view and send now. You have to review the campaign before the campaign will start to take effect. You can click the send to send the message immediately. Adding delivery reminder is a similar process, click add delivery tips. You can input a campaign name.

Select your store for your target buyers.

Select the time window when the message will be sent.

You can configure your message content.

You can also input a number to test your message and click confirm.

After your customer care plan is created they'll be shown in the list and you can switch between campaign and delivery reminder list. That's it for CRM and we'll see you in the next video, thank you!