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Order - Order Search

Hey everyone, in today's video we'll be showing you how to search orders in UPFOS system. We can view all of the downloaded and created orders in "orders" -> "order search"

This page contains both sales and post-sales orders.

The page displays order information such as system and platform status, order creation time, order number, amount, payment time and etc.. If you don't find a column that you're looking for you can click on this icon

to see all of the column options.

You can use the filters at the top to quickly find the orders you are looking for. There is a create refund order button in the panel column of each order. You can use the button to quickly create refund order for a sales order. You can use the copy button to copy an order so you can quickly create another order with similar information. But remember to change the order number.

Click the little button we can view the delivery order information, operation log and tag details.

Delivery order is a list generated after order is reviewed and after tracking information is captured. It contains information like printing status, delivery order number, warehouse, logistics vendors, tracking number and so on, Operation log contains all the operation history up to the point of printing, including modifications done by the platform through API, and order error messages.

Tag details tells you about all the tags associated with the order.

We can see with this order, it has a "stockout" tag.

The post-sales page is similar to the sales order page. You can use the filter to search for a post-sales order. You can also use this icon to customize the columns you want to see. You can also view the operation log.

That's all for today's video and I hope it is helpful. We'll see you in the next video, bye!