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Hey guys welcome back to another video, and this will be our third video in the product management series.

In this video we gonna be discussing store product.

As we have mentioned in a previous video, store products are all the products the seller is selling on their platform like Shopee and Lazada. By accessing platform store information UPFOS can download these products into our system. But please note, the downloading process does not make these products "system products", they are "store products" because they are downloaded from the store and they will be put in the "store product" module.

If you have all the system products created before downloading those store products, plus, they all have the correct product code and SKU code, the system will try to connect them for you. If you have the auto add product feature enabled, the system will create system products for you during store product download, as well as creating this connection between them. If the auto add feature is not enabled and the system products are not created before store product download, the connection cannot be established after store product download. In this case you have to create your system products and manually connect them to your store products. If you find yourself creating a large amount of system products after store product download and you don't want to manually create the connections, you can delete the downloaded store products and download them again. With the system products already created, the system will make the connection for you during download.

So let's now look at our store product management page. Go to products -> store product

To switch between platforms, use this menu.

After selecting a platform, the stores under that platform will be listed

Select the store you want to manage.

Besides downloading store product from platform to our system, which is an essential step, we can also create store product and publish them to the platform for sell. We can do the download and publication in "add product" module.

The product publication function is only supported for Shopee and Lazada in the current version.

To perform product publication or product release, click release product -> start publication.

Input all the required information.

Select a destination platform. Because this function is only supported for Lazada and Shopee. You can only choose between the two.

Input your destination stores. Multiple stores can be selected but they must be in the same country because platform sites in different countries may have different category list. If you already have one store selected, the stores from a different country will be grayed out.

For category, make sure that you choose the category that matches the category on the platform. Otherwise the publication will fail.

Product title is self-defined and it has to be within 250 characters. For product code, this must match the product code of the system product that you want to link to the store product.

You can enter a product description for your product.

For product dimension and product weight, make sure you input a good estimation instead of an arbitrary number. Unrealistic input may lead to publication failure. If you have multiple specifications, click "switch to multiple specification".

You can input your specification value. Your specification doesn't have to be color or size. I can input something else like flavor.

I can input a second specification say um percent.

After I click apply all,

I'm going to see all my SKUs. I can click the link icon to bond SKU with existing system SKU. This is why you have to have your system product created before you start to do product publication. If you have individual images for your SKUs you can add them.

If all of your SKUs have the same price and inventory quantity, you can use this icon here to batch edit them.

Or you can enter individual prices and inventory quantity.

In the visual media section you can add images for your product. Please note the image requirements on the side

because invalid image may cause publication failure. After editing the product we can save it to publish later or we can publish it right away.

The saved product will be inside the "to be published" module. You can click the product and click the edit icon to edit your product. Please note that after edit the changes will be saved automatic without needing to click the save button. After editing you can close out. Select a product, click release. The successfully published product is going to be in the "store product" module and we will leave this module to another session. If the product publication failed the product will be put in this module.

You can open this module and look into the abnormal information. If the failure is caused by your product information, click the product to edit your information. After fixing this issue you can select the product and then click release again.

Hopefully this time your product will be successfully published. To download your store product from your platform, go to download and choose one of your stores.

After you have selected your store and your orders, you can click download to perform a manual download. That's all for this video, thank you very much for watching. I'll see you in the next video, bye!