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Product - System Product- Barcode, Brand and Supplier

Hey everyone, welcome to another video on system product. In this video we are going to talk about barcode, brand and supplier. In the last video we've talked about how to create system products and we mentioned that we can reference brand and supplier when creating our system product. Because these modules are not mandatory they can be removed from the interface. Just hover on the the plus icon and then click remove.

You can click add to add them back.

Let's first talk about the barcode, yes barcode is the barcode that you see on the product packaging. It is not required for you to create barcode for all of your products. The barcode is used if you are using the scanning function or if you are integrating with some third-party services. To create barcode for your product, click add. We have two different rules for creating barcode. The first one is product code plus SKU code. The second one is just the SKU code. For instance if your product code is A01 and SKU is 101 your barcode will be A01101. If you select this rule the barcode will just be 1 0 1 which is the same as the SKU code.

Here we have an option called automatic barcode creation. For new products, if you have this box checked, the system will automatically generate barcode for all of your newly created system products based on the rule that you selected. You can either generate barcode for all of your products or you can just generate barcode for some of your products.

Just select the product that you want to generate barcode for and click confirm. Then click generate barcode.

In our barcode module we can manage all of our created barcode. You can edit your barcode by using this icon. You can also print your barcode.

Just select the barcode you want to print and click add to printing queue. You can also delete barcode. If you want to find the bar code you can use the search bar.

You can search by product code, product name and sku code.

Now let's talk about brand.

To add a brand, click add. Input a brand code, brand name.

Click save and your brand is saved. You can disable and enable your brand. You can also search for a brand by using the search bar.

Let's move on to supplier

Similar to the brand, just click add and input the supplier information.

Contact number.

Contact name sorry.

Contact number, address, and click save.

You also have the disable and enable option, and the search bar.

Once you have your brand and supplier information completed you can reference them in your system product.

Okay, we really suggest that you keep a good record of your brand and supplier. Because even you are not using them when you are manually creating your system product, if you are importing your system product from Excel file and if you have brand and supplier information in your excel file but those brands and suppliers do not exist in our system, the import might fail. So that's it for this video and I hope you learned something. I will see you in the next video, bye!