One Platform, Million Possibilities


Hey everyone, this will be a brief video on our chat tool, the UPFOS chat. After we log into the system, go to the bottom of the main menu and click "chat".


The system will direct you to the download page. Select your operating system to download the UPFOS chat. After downloading the chat, select your language and then log into the application.


The chat is now only supporting Lazada and Shopee.


The online stores will be shown under the online category. Currently we don't have any stores that are online.


Offline stores will be shown under the "not online" category. You need to login to the offline store before you can view and reply the messages from that store.


You'll need to input your account information for that

store and click login. To manage the stores in UPFOS chat, go to store management.


All the integrated and authorized stores can be added to the tool. Currently we have four stores added if you want to add more stores, click plus, select your platform and select the store.


All of the stores you have integrated and authorized on your UPFOS system will be shown on this list.


We currently only support login by email address. You can input your store account and store password here, so you don't have to type it in every time you enter the UPFOS chat.

Select the country.

Please make sure this country matches the country of your store. Click confirm.

If we go back to our main page, we can see the store here under Shopee. Because I have randomly put in a account name and password, it's under "not online".

For this store, I have set up the correct account name and account password in my store configuration so I don't need to input account information again. I just need to input the verification code that is sent to my cell phone.

Now the store is online. I can see all the messages sent to my store. If you have multiple online stores you can switch between them. You can reply and view messages from multiple stores all in UPFOS chat.

That's it for UPFOS chat and I'll see you in the next video, bye!