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UPFOS system tutorial basic 2/7 Store Authorization

Hello everyone, in this video we are going to talk about how to get store authorization.

First we need to navigate into the store management page. To do that, we can either use the beginner’s guide at the dashboard or you can we the user center at the upper right corner and go to system settings and store management.

Now we are at the store management page. You can click this little book icon to see our guide.

And to add a new store, just click the add button here.

First you can choose your platform, if i have a Lazada store, I can choose Lazada here, and input a store name. And I can choose the category for my store which indicates what kind of products I’m selling in my store. I can select multiple ones if I want, and click next step.

In this page you can select the platform specific services that you are using. If you are not using any, just don’t check any of the boxes.

Once you click the “authorize” button, you will be directed to the Lazada page.

In Lazada’s page here, you can input your Lazada account information like your email address and your password. And after you click submit, the website is going to tell you whether your authorization is successful and it’s going to direct you back to the UPFOS system.

See this authorized icon here, that means your store authorization is successful.

Thank you for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.