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UPFOS system tutorial basic 7/7 Template Management

Hello everyone, welcome back to another tutorial video. In this video we are going to talk about how to edit template. Template edit is where you can edit templates for all your printables such as logistic order, delivery order, picking order, barcode, warehouse location barcode, handover form and etc.. After editing the templates, the customized template can be used in their corresponding process. We will use logistic order as an example here. To edit a template go to user center -> system settings, and find template edit.

To add a new template, click add. First you have to select what type of template you are creating. Let's select logistic order so it's going to be the shipping label, and logistic label template. Let's give it a name: my template number two, and click next step. Okay, I already have that name taken, so cancel. Let's do my template three. Click next step. Alright and the system is going to take us to the editor. It's going to prompt you to download and install the plugin. If you are going to use UPFOS default template please do remember to download and install the plugin. You can select one of the two system default templates: the Shopee one or the Lazada one. After you choose the default template you can further modify it based on your personal preference or your requirement. You can add elements to your template like order number, platform order ID so on and so on. There are a lot of elements that you can add to your template. If I add my order number I can move it to wherever i want. I can configure the location, the position, the text style and arrangement. They're pretty self-explanatory, you can go ahead and try them out for yourself. Besides the elements you can also add text and image and shape and qr code to your template. After you have set up your template, and if you have a printer connected you can select a printer and print out to see whether the template is what you want. After you have configured your template you can click save. Your template will be saved.

Okay so I have my logistic order template here. I can click edit if i need to further edit my template.

You can click this star to set this logistic order as your default template. If you want to make a template similar to this one but with some small modifications, you can use this copy button. That is it for today's video and I'll see you in the next video thank you for watching bye!